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Hook Up your Ride with an iPod A Great Addition Busting the CoolOMeter

On the eleventh day of January 2005, the iPod shuffle was released in the market. The iPod shuffle is the latest addition to the thoroughbred stable of the iPod lineup. This digital audio player is made by Apple Computer. It was released with a tag line "Life is random". Unlike other iPods, the shuffle was the first one to use flash memory instead of a hard disk and it only weighs about 22 grams or .78 ounces.

A new innovation that made the iPod more versatile and affordable. There are two models available for the iPod shuffle. You can get the 512 MB and the 1 GB model. It plays all the saved songs in random order, thus the name shuffle. Many users of the iPod were always putting their iPod to shuffle mode which made Apple decide to manufacture the iPod shuffle, it is a cost effective fashion that eliminates the need to program the songs to be played.

It uses the iTunes' Autofill, which plays and select song in random order and It can store up to 240 songs. The iPod shuffle doesn't feature the usual functions a regular iPod does, like the display mode, scroll wheel, playlist management features, address book, games, calendar, and notes capability, it is not made to be used with iSync. Another thing to note, it is not capable of playing Apple Lossless and AIFF audio files. On the brighter side, iPod shuffle is of better sound quality, with the bass more heard, than the bigger iPods. The sad thing is it does not have a screen, no equalizer and a slow speed transfer.

With more than 400 songs in a small audio machine, you can have a virtual jukebox in your home, office or car. That's the beauty of the iPod, you can have your music wherever you are. Now imagine, you, your car and the long road. Hooking up your ride with an iPod shuffle would provide you with a great number of hours of excellent music fun.

Any long drive can be turned into a musical concert with the iPod shuffle. All you need is an iPod shuffle hookup to connect it with your cars stereo system. This would include an adapter that plugs into your iPod's headphone jack and on the other end; there is a cassette adapter that could be plugged in the cassette slot of your cars stereo system. This and other iPod accessories can make your iPod shuffle very adaptable to different situations. There are many car manufacturers who has seen the big influence the iPod shuffle has and their vast popularity.

Many have manufactured car stereo systems that have a built in iPod hook ups ready. All you have to do is plug your iPod in and you're good to go. You'll never see a roadtrip the same way again.

The benefits are endless, you have great music on command. You get great quality music and you get it in random succession which means you don't have to listen to the same songs over and over again and you eliminate the need to look down and mess with the your iPod while driving. The iPod shuffle gives you music in random succession which means you don't have to look down while driving.

You get different music every time you turn your iPod shuffle on.

S. Stammberger is editor of Hip Hop Instrumental. Download Hip Hop Beats, instrumentals, and more.

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