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Are you interested in a variety of recreational games including role-playing games in various genres, card games, board games, strategic/tactical games, and miniatures? Check out our site for the best deals in play testing games that are both innovative as well as user-friendly. At PAGE, we are a congregation of creative gaming experts who have taken play-testing, innovative gaming to the next level. Holding occasional tournaments and sponsoring events and festivities at local conventions, we are basically a creative club that provides one of the best venues for organized gaming in the Delaware Valley.

We offer our members and guests an opportunity to game on a weekly basis in a mature atmosphere. With two chapters, one located in the heart of Center City and one in Chestnut Hill, it’s twice as easy to meet.

How to join?
To join us and be a part of this exclusive fantasy gaming opportunity, simply contact us at one of our chapters below, then attend four meetings as our guest. While each chapter maintains its own by-laws and admission procedures, we both value good sportsmanship, maturity, respect and courtesy for others. We’re not just a club, we’re a community!
Huge Gaming...In a Teeny,
Tiny Package
The biggest selling points for these pint-sized PCs have been style and portability, not power. However, new case designs have started to allow these breadbox-sized rigs to catch up to the performance levels of the big boys. And with Shuttle’s new P2500g small form- factor (SFF) com

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Protect Yourself While Gaming - Tips to
avoid eye strain and Proper sitting tips
while playing games
Gaming means long hours at the computer. Self absorbent and an obsessive hobby, incorrect habits and posture are detrimental to health. Problems like musculoskeletal injuries, eyestrain, and disabilities of the hands and wrist like, RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury are common. Bad posture causes: pain, stiffness of joints, weakness, bad circulation, as well as swelling. Ensure that: * The desk is designed especially for computers. * While seated, the feet are flat on the floor; arms and thighs are parallel to the ground; back is straight; and the arms height is such that the elbows are parallel to
Gaming Gets Physical at Digital Life
If you made it through the Digital Life expo in New York City without breaking a sweat, you weren't playing hard enough. Games involving running, jumping, dancing, kicking, and fishing were everywhere, from the perennial Dance Dance Revolution competition to the interactive virtual bowling at the Xavix booth. We took a walk around the show floor to check out these physically interactive games, the crowds they drew, and their ability to make you sweat.
What’s Playing In the
Computer Gaming World
If the millions of first-person-shooter fans out there are any indication, then whoever claimed violence is bad for games is clearly an idiot.
Online gaming clans have no doubt already embraced Battlefield 2 as the new king of first-person shooters, and there’s even more to look